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For most portuguese, coffee is an important part of daily life. For breakfast, after lunch, after dinner and anytime in between. In Portugal, and in portuguese communities throughout the world, no lunch or dinner is complete without at least one cup of coffee and dessert.


Coffee shops (Cafés) are located just about anywhere you go in portuguese neighborhoods. These cafés serve a variety of coffee drinks. One of the most popular portuguese coffee drinks is the espresso, called a " bica ''.


Coffee shops also serve pastries like pastéis de nata (custard cups) and other sweet treats. Some shops also serve finger food known as petiscos or salgadinhos. Cafes are found virtually everywhere.


People in Portugal go to coffee shops in the morning, at noon and at night for café and doces (coffee and sweets).


You don't have to go to  Lisbon, Portugal to capture the portuguese coffee shop experience. Just visit a coffee and pastry shop in portuguese neighborhoods in the US where you can sit and relax while enjoying an espresso and a portuguese pastry. Among some of the popular portuguese pastries you will usually find are: pasteis de nata, arroz doce, pudim flan, salami de chocolate (a chocolate and cookie roll that resembles a salami).


By far, the most popular coffee in Portugal is the espresso. Depending on where you are in Portugal it goes by different names. In Lisbon it's called a "bica", in Porto "cimbalinho" and in others "cafe".



Another popular portuguese coffee drink is called the "Galao". It is a signature portuguese style coffee made like a latte or cappucino and

served in a tall glass. The galao is very popular at Portuguese coffee and pastry shops. It is perfect for breakfasts or brunch and is usually ordered with a portuguese pastry.











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Espresso                 Frothed Milk                    "Galao"

Pastel de Nata



The "cappucino" is another portuguese coffee drinker's favorite. It is prepared with espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam.